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Kids Group Courses

Kids Group Courses




Session Duration:

2 Hours

Total Sessions Per Month:

8 Sessions


Studio English helps your kids improve their English language online with highly professional teachers in a fun and engaging way that suits their needs and age.

Why choose Kids group courses?

– English groups help your children learn in an online environment of a virtual school class as a system of semesters.
– English groups are more active and fun as many kids share your children’s goals and levels.
– These courses will improve their communication skills and teach them how to collaborate with their peers.
– These courses are full of discussions and fun activities for kids.


By the end of this course, you’ll get a verified certificate of completion from Studio English.


– Learning collaboratively with their peers through effective learning methods.

– Easily access online and offline content presented by our professional instructors.

– Able to express themselves in English with confidence.

– Able to achieve many group activities in English.

– Communicate effectively in English.

– Ability to discuss various topics related to their age in English.

– Achieve functional proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

– Achieve a new advanced level of English language skills.

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