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This web page represents our Terms of Use and Policy (“Agreement”) regarding our website, https://studioenglish.com (“Website”). The terms, “we” and “our” as used in this Agreement refer to Studio English, LLC (“Studio English”). We may amend this Agreement at any time by posting the amended terms on our Website. We may or may not post notices on the Website when such changes occur. We refer to this Agreement, our Privacy Policy, and any other terms, rules, or guidelines on our Website collectively as our “Legal Terms.” You explicitly and implicitly agree to be bound by our Legal Terms each time you access our Website. If you do not wish to be so bound, please do not use or access our Website.

Student Policy & Information:


  • Student should be in the classroom at least 2 minutes before the class start-time with all materials needed for the lesson.
  • Teacher will begin the class right at the start time. If student is not present, teacher will wait for the first 15 minutes of class. If the student does not enter the classroom within the first 15 minutes, then it is noted as an unexcused absence/no show for the student.
  • If class begins late as a result of the student, class will resume until end of the scheduled class time.
  • If teacher is not in the classroom, please contact the customer support immediately so that we can address the problem promptly. Should the teacher miss the class without a substitute filling in for them, a make-up lesson will be scheduled within one week at the student’s convenience for no additional fee.


If student needs to miss and reschedule a class due to the reasons below, classes may be rescheduled up to 2 hours before class time or canceled (with no refund or makeup) up to 30 minutes before class time.

Makeup classes can only be made up after the class is missed and it must be rescheduled to take place within 4 weeks of the missed class. Rescheduling request must be made at the time of rescheduling the session. Cancellation or rescheduling requests can be notified no more than 2 weeks before. Refunds are not given for missed classes.

This does not apply to group classes.

Excused Absences

  • Includes: Illness, Death in Family, Appointment, Work/School Conflict, National Holiday, Technical Issues (internet, Skype, computer issues)
  • Should you have a technical issue at the time of class and are unable to notify us beforehand, please email support as soon as possible so that it can count as an excused absence.
  • Limit:
  • The portal allows for up to 50% of your monthly hours to be rescheduled.
  • There are NO refunds for any type of absence.
  • This does not apply to group classes.

Extended Absences

  • Extended absence of up to 1 (calendar) week: In the case that a student will be absent for up to 1 week, student will be responsible for paying 1/2 price tuition for all classes within that extended absence if the student wants to hold their class time and teacher. If you still have 2 excused absences to use, you may apply those for make-up classes during this week. Please note that vacations are not considered an excused absence, therefore cannot be combined with excused absence makeup classes.
  • Extended absence of more than 1 (calendar) week: In the case that a student will be absent for more than 1 calendar week, student will be responsible for paying 1/2 price tuition for the first week and full-price tuition for all classes after the first week within the extended absence if the student wants to hold their class time and teacher. If you still have 2 excused absences to use, you may apply those for make-up classes during this week. Please note that vacations are not considered an excused absence, therefore cannot be combined with excused absence makeup classes.

Unexcused Absences

  • Any type of absence that is not listed in the “Excused Absence” policy. This includes an un-notified absence from class and/or notification of non-emergency absence less than 12 hours before class time.
  • In case of unexcused absence, there will be no refund or free makeup for that class.

Rescheduling Lessons

  • Makeup lessons must be arranged within 2 weeks after the missed class and must be scheduled to take place within 4 weeks following the missed class.
  • If student misses the makeup session, there is no free makeup lesson or refund.
  • If a class is canceled or suspended for any reason, any scheduled makeup sessions will be canceled as well.  Make up sessions are only available for active classes.  Make up classes cannot be scheduled after cancellation.

Teacher Assignment Changes

  • Although we try to keep this at a minimum, in some instances, a permanent change in teacher may occur.
  • Throughout the course, student may be assigned a new teacher, as you reach new levels.


  • On most instances, the administration may decide to delegate a substitute to teach for a missed lesson. The substitute will use the teacher’s same classroom and teach the class according to the institute’s instructions for that day.
  • Substitute teachers are used for all courses.
  • If a class is canceled due to a teacher’s absence for any reason, a substitute will be assigned to the class.
  • If no substitute is available, a make-up lesson will be scheduled for no additional fee. There are no refunds for missed classes.

Class Materials

  • Learning materials are provided in class, however we high recommend that you purchase your own copy of the book, as some homework and exercises are done in the book.
  • Digital learning materials are complimentary with any course enrollment.
  • Digital content may not be shared or distributed and is only accessible when a student is at that point in the class.
  • Previous content may be automatically closed (no access) after completion.
  • Some video and audio content is used for some lessons.
  • Studio English reserves the right to change ,add or remove any content in any course or discontinue
    any course without notice or refund to the students enrolled in that course.

Classroom Conduct

  • Students are expected to act as if they are in a live class. In order to get the most out of your
    class, please pay close attention to the teacher, remove any distractions from learning area and room, sit
    properly, have a good headset to hear well, turn on your camera.

Classroom and Teacher-Student Relationship Policy

  • Students and Teachers must maintain a professional relationship at all times, limiting conversation to only
    class materials. Students must not share any personal information in the teacher at any time.
  • Teachers are strictly prohibited to ask student for personal information, favors or monetary gifts/loans.
    Should a teacher ask the student for anything, including money, student must decline and report to the
    administration immediately!
  • For security measures, students and teachers are not to conduct classes outside of Studio
    for any reason.
  • Any complaints of teachers abusing their teacher-student relationship, in any way, must be reported
    immediately to support@studioenglish.com
  • Should a student neglect this policy, Studio English will take necessary action to resolve
    the issue with the teacher, but Studio English is not responsible for any loss to the

Student Support Team

If you have any questions or need advice about course plans, levels, or customizing your course, you can contact
the student support to assist you. Any scheduling requests or general requests about classes should be taken
care of directly through the student support team.

Tuition Policy

  • Tuition is billed once every 4 weeks at the beginning of the billing period. Payment is due upon receiving
    the invoice.
  • Classes are automatically suspended if invoice is not paid 4 days following invoice date. Suspended classes
    will be automatically reactivated after payment. Should invoice go unpaid after suspension 4 days, the class
    will be canceled until payment is received. Once payment is received, an agent will contact you to
    reactivate your classes.
  • In order for teacher to prepare and finalize classes and grades, sessions may last up to three minutes
    less than scheduled, as needed by teacher. (Ex: if schedule is for a 30-minute session, the interactive part
    of the class may last 27 minutes)
  • The student will receive periodic reminders after the invoice is due. Should the invoice be unpaid after the
    due date, then the student’s lessons will be suspended until payment is received. Due to having many
    students on the waiting list for classes, suspension will likely result in the student losing their lesson
    time slot and/or their teacher. Lessons will resume after we receive the payment.
  • For any classes missed between the suspension notice and resuming classes, make-up classes can be scheduled.
    For extended absences due to suspension, the billing cycle can be adjusted. No refunds will be made for
    missed classes.
  • If, for any reason, the student is unable to pay in a timely manner, please notify the billing department as
    soon as possible to make arrangements.
  • There are NO refunds for missed classes, excused or unexcused. Make-up classes are offered as per the terms
  • If a student stops classes and has auto-payments in their billing account turned on, please make sure you
    stop the auto-payments in your account.
  • All tuition is billed via email and paid online via Credit Card. Do NOT send money through any other means or accounts.

NOTE: Studio English reserves the right to periodic tuition increases for all students who are

Money Back Guarantee

  • Studio English’s 100% Money Back Guarantee allows you to try the courses and feel secured that if you are
    not satisfied, you may get your money back. This only applies if you cancel your course within the first
    week of classes. Anytime after that, money will not be refunded for classes already taken.
  • The money back guarantee does not apply after the first week of classes.

Class Content

  • All content found in the online class portal is copyrighted by and property of Studio
  • Materials, including but not limited to images, pdf files, games, audio files, videos, curriculum,
    interactive content, may not be reproduced by any means and may not be embedded, altered, copied,
    photographed or distributed anywhere outside of the Studio English Portal without prior
    written permission by Studio English Administration.

Class Discussions

  • Each class has private discussions between the teacher and the student(s).
  • Discussions must be limited to the class subjects only.
  • Sharing private information in discussions is not allowed.
  • Discussing any topics outside of the course materials is not allowed.
  • Teachers may or may not use this feature. Timely replies are at the teacher’s discretion and dependent on
    their availability to reply.

Group Classes

  • Group classes tuition and set up can be slightly different than other online classes in Studio
  • For some adult group classes, recordings are uploaded to the group class for students to access and review
    at anytime during the semester. 
  • Group classes are offered on a pre-determined semester.
  • We reserve the right to cancel a group class at any time, in case of low enrollment or other circumstances.
  • There are no makeup session or refund for missed sessions.
  • Group class access is available from the first of the semester until the day before the following semester.
    (Example: A spring semester class will be open for students’ access until the day before the summer semester
    begins).  No exceptions can be made.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are enrolled in the correct class and level for all group
    classes.  There are no evaluations for group classes, so students are responsible for ensuring they
    enroll in the correct class/level.

Class Quality

  • In order to ensure that we offer high quality classes, some lessons may be recorded for review by the
    • The recorded lessons are only for use by the administration/supervisors to regularly check the
      quality of the classes and the teachers. The recordings are deleted shortly thereafter.
    • Adult group classes are recorded and used for students of that class to view in their account.
    • For quality purposes, supervisors may enter the classroom to observe the class. For female students,
      the supervisor will be a female.
  • Sessions may not be recorded – audio or video – by students for any reason. This is to protect the privacy
    of the teachers.


Studio English strives to keep the institute open year-round, with the exception of two
significant holidays that are observed by all teachers, staff, and the majority of our students. The two
holidays are Eid Ul-Fitr and Eid Ul-Adha, and the institute will be closed for three days and five days,
respectively. As the holiday approaches, exact dates will be updated in your portal calendar.

Due to the number of enrolled students, and similar to other tuition-based schools, tuition will not be credited
or refunded for these two holidays.

  • Eid Ul-Fitr [dates TBD]
  • Eid Ul-Adha [dates TBD]
  • Other Holidays
    • Studio English teachers will continue classes through any other Western and
      non-Islamic holiday. If student needs any other holiday days off from classes, student should notify
      the administration at least 12 hours in advance to reschedule up to 2 lessons for no additional fee.
    • Some of the additional holidays that are included, but not necessarily limited to are: New Years,
      Islamic New Years, Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas.


  • The official privacy policy is located here.
  • The privacy of each and every student is important to us. The administration will not share or sell any
    information about any student to any third parties.
  • The student policy is written with student’s privacy and safety in mind. Therefore, it is important for
    students to comply with this policy.
  • Students are responsible for updating the administration with any changes to their profile. This includes
    e-mail address, billing address, phone number, etc.
  • Students are to not share any personal information or accounts (such as email, Skype, Facebook, etc.) with
    teachers or staff members, unless communicating through our support@studioenglish.com email.

Giving Gifts to Teachers

  • Studio English understands that students would like to give gifts to their teachers for
    various occasions. Unfortunately, sending gifts overseas to Egypt can prove to be an expensive and
    untrustworthy process. Please read the policy below regarding gifts.
  • Studio English can ONLY accept monetary gifts from students to their teachers. Monetary
    gifts can be accepted with no monetary limit in the form of a personal check or money order. As soon as the
    monetary gift is received by Studio English, a financial officer will forward the gift to
    the specified teacher.
  • Gifts may be mailed to: Studio English P.O. Box 3125 Conroe, TX 77301
  • PLEASE specify the teacher’s name for whom the gift is for.
  • Regretfully, physical gifts cannot be accepted by Studio English to be send to teachers.
    Unfortunately, there are too many risks in sending and receiving gifts to Egypt that Studio
    does not allow such gifts to be sent.

Complaints Policy

  • Any complaints from our students are taken very seriously and will be addressed as soon as possible.
    Complaints will be acknowledged within 3 business days.
  • If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of your course, please contact the Customer Support (support@studioenglish.com) so that we can fix the problem.

Liability Policy

  • Studio English holds no responsibility for consequences of neglecting the institute policy.
  • Studio English is not responsible for any actions or comments by teachers.
  • Failure to abide by these rules and procedures may result in consequences for the student.

Unauthorized Use of Content

Any content, publications, or class material is solely for the use of a student with Studio
.  It may not be copied, published, distributed, or changed in any way without the
written authorization from Studio English.  All content on website and in portal is
copyrighted by Studio English and may not be reproduced in any way.  We reserve the right
to discontinue services to anyone who uses or takes our content illegally, which may results in legal actions as

Help, Questions, Comments

  • Any questions or comments outside of the subject material should be directed to the administration. We
    strive to offer the best quality for your classes and your opinions, comments and suggestions are important
    to us.
  • Please contact the following:
    • For all inquiries, including class cancellations, reschedules, billing questions, technical issues,
      etc; e-mail us at support@studioenglish.com.

Studio English reserves the right to change any of the above policies at any time. If an
issue arises that is not covered in the policies above, the administration will use their best discretion to
remedy a situation

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